Monday, January 10, 2011

It will always be safer Underground...

Photography by Dania Bdeir.

Time: Sunday January 9,2011
Location: The Basement.

We all head out at around 11:30 pm to the Basement.
To the last night.
To the last dance, at the Basement.

The second we walked in, our bodies started moving to the music.
We just danced, like we always do... we gathered around each other , either dancing with one another, or each alone, or with people around.. but always around each other ...

We danced to the music. With the music. For the music.
We just did not stop.

Alcohol. Disco ball. Red and blue disco light. More alcohol. Dancing. Laughing. Screaming. Hugging. Dancing and dancing,
The night was the place, the music, and the people.
And our bodies were just reacting. They moved. And we danced.

And then, the song started to rise: "Amsterdam,Dance Valley, last song, all the crazy people around, lights, lazers, rain...Just close your eyes, dance, and remember".

Time was lost in the music and we danced with it; we tossed it over with our hips, our hands,our feet. We danced around in circles and just got lost in time.
There was no separation anymore. In the basement, the night is beautiful and endless...

So we danced and danced, and people started to leave because as much as time can be forgotten it will come back and remind us that it will always be there...
Slowly, the place was empty, and we just danced. The staff was practically taking it off, and we just danced.

On the tables. On the chairs. On the bar. On the platform. On the ground. On the stairs.
We just danced.

Only a few were left. And it was only the three of us, still dancing, still jumping, still floating, still dreaming.

But life outside is different and time was ticking and trying to penetrate the basement and regain control.
Sadly it did.

At 8 in the morning. The music stopped. Our bodies stopped. And time stepped right in.
The last dance at the basement wore off. And the lights came out.
The Basement will be closing after this night, or this morning, or whatever time wants to decide.

It is safer underground.
At least, the underground knows no time.

The Basement. Our own little Berlin, in the city of Beirut.
We will wait...

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