Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thesis: Mad Sickness.

It is a sickness.
So our due is on the 24th of January, which is Next Monday, which is technically only 6 days away.

"Oh, Sweet Lord!"

When we start getting to a count down and include all the small numbers we become completely dysfunctional for a whole minute...and we just Panic.
Panic attack: is supposedly like when panic attacks you and you are suddenly struck down by fear, or is it when you attack it (not sure how this might work) or is it really when you panic and just start attacking. I dont know, anyway with thesis, you have got to experience all three of these situations, at separate times. Sometimes, and this is really scary, all three hit you at the same time, and man, quite an explosion right there.

So thesis. Your harsh man!!

Okay so we try. We plan our days according to you. Right, so today, im just going to be writing thesis. Yea so i always wake up 2 to 3 hours later than what i had already planned. Panic slightly but it's always okay, because you know the day just started and it's cool we got this.
Have my breakfast while pondering on the idea of thesis, and what i should start with first.
Then i get my laptop, sit down in a comfortable space, and this is where i am supposed to just go crazy on my thesis. This is where all the exciting things happen. This is where technically i am supposed to start writing. Ok, so i got this.
I open the document, and stare at it for a second or two. Suddenly i am checking facebook, just for a couple of minutes, and of course my email, and twitter...
Then okay, that's it, i am done with wasting time.
I go on skype, check if anyone is available and have a little chat with them.
Ok, done with the little conversations, now i will close everything and just work.
Yea, then i get all serious, and slightly frown, you know to set the mood, and start "reading". I write a sentence, sometimes two. Feel accomplished and think, i will open facebook for just a little bit. (and now see all this happens unconsciously!) So i do, and the page is practically still the same. I refresh it after a little while (and that is usually just one second) and nothing new happens, the page still looks practically the same, this is when i think okay, back to thesis. Then i think, im just gonna check on everyone else, and ask people how they are doing with thesis.

And i go back and forth between thesis, and facebook, and twitter, and ofcourse skype (because i never really closed it i just put the "do not disturb"-the red scary one,which is to say please don't disturb me, but i sure as hell will).

And then this is when i decide, you know what i need a break. And i get up and waste time doing absolutely nothing. Then we all start nagging about how stupid thesis is, and how it's so horrible, and how much we miss each other (because you know, we each need to be home alone to be able to focus).

And the next thing i know is, a 2 to 3 sentence paragraph written for my thesis, and an entire blog post.

Thesis. You a mad sickness.


  1. hahaha.. no way zee!
    is a sad sad life we livin..
    ure making it slightly more "delightful" fo me tho :D