Saturday, April 14, 2012


Last night I went to watch a Cricket game.

Pune Warriors Vs. Chenai.
We were there to support the warriors.
All 3 hours of the game I had almost absolutely no idea what was happening.
Zero. Nothing. Rien. Du. Tout. Abadan.

Even more, I thought if i only look at the scores, I can at least keep up with who is winning...
Yea, no! They didnt have the scores up.

I was so confused.

I was with Nilesh, one of the art directors I work with and he has weak English.
He tried to explain the game a few times, but it all came out in Hindi and well it was a useless case.

I did though, at the very end of the game, understand that they either score a 6 or a 4.
That's how much I can help you.

I just cheered when they did, and sat cluelessly as they watched.
I also tried to make friends with a little baby boy who didnt seem to understand the game either.

Anyway. The crowd was insane. So it was fun!!



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