Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I found gold in India.

He just looked straight at me.
And all I could do is look back.

What do you do exactly, how do you react, what do you do with that slap, that spur of feelings,  when these challenging eyes stare right at you. I aimed my camera at him, and he looked into the lens like looking at a bullet in a gun.

He was fierce. He stared and raised a one.
And I stared back, because I was at a loss of what to do.
I stared with my lens.

He was static. Fixed. Motionless.
Behind him, the world couldn’t rest. It was all going full speed.

We stopped.

It felt like we were allowed into a different time.  It was all frozen.
And as their time was racing against them, ours gave us that stretch because we weren’t going to have it any differently.

And I found these eyes. Even more, these eyes found me.
And I am unable to give them justice.

And now, I have not even the words.

I would rather let them stand on their own, free of words, free of my words, and let them tell you, as they desire.