Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I was expecting sand.

It is beautiful, I am sure, to some eyes. Not my beautiful maybe, but someone’s definition of beauty for sure. One can come here and hate on the place. But one can also come here and be amazed.

I took the decision to give it a chance.
I booked a ticket while I was still in that which I find breathtaking, and came here. I decided to look into its every potential, its every corner and its every imperfection, if any, to try to find my breath of fresh air.
I came to Dubai and this is what I found.

I found people from every corner of the world. I found a bit of Lebanon, America, India, Korea, Turkey, Hungary, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, Palestine… I found it all.

I found fancy restaurants and fancy buildings, the biggest mall, the biggest tower, the biggest fountain. Everything here is so big, the biggest in the world.

I came to Dubai and found my uncle and my brother (the most beautiful of all that I could ever find). I found reconnections with old friendships and new friendships. I found a heart with the same passion as mine. I found good friends, I made new friends. And the best of it all, I found my doppelganger, or should I say I am hers. People can travel the world and never find theirs, and all I had to do was come to Dubai. If things go according to plan, I think i might also find love here.

I also found the need to dream. The thing about it though is that dreams come true way too often inside air-conditioned, highly maintained, huge, concrete walls. In the land of sand you can be a snowboarder, an ice-skater and you can even have a night by the chimney with a view of the slopes. Maybe for some of us such dream is a lost dream. Maybe for some of us few are the dreams that can breathe in closed malls. Maybe for some of us the dream of a land filled with sand is the opportunity to go elsewhere for snow. Maybe for some of us man made dreams of luxury and bliss defies every meaning of what a dream should be. But however fake the dream is, it is still true and real and happening. 

I guess I found a few too many things in Dubai and as much as I could be a person hating on it, I won't. I am not infatuated by it, at least not yet, but I am willing to hang out to see what else I can find.

I was expecting sand, 
but with cities like Dubai,
Im guessing, one can never know.