Friday, October 19, 2012

Burn down alone.

We are trying so hard to believe in something.
We are trying so hard to get by, every day.

It was a regular Friday at the office.
At around 3 p.m. we hear a bang, the sound of an explosion, the sound of fire and hysteria, we hear the sound of terror come back to us.

We were really trying to get by.
We were just starting to rest in certain calmness, a smooth and soft lie.
We loved this lie because it was silent. And our nights were no longer sleepless.

We were really trying hard to believe in this place.
And it exploded from the ground up our veins and burst out, in harsh skinless bones, and blood, and organs, and burnt skin, and injured friends, and decomposing lives, and last breaths, and a heartless country, and a lost humanity, and an everyday battle, and so much poison down our bodies.
As everyone was frantically calling their loved ones, everyone screamed out their fury, and we all joined in our hate.
We were really trying hard to get by, to believe in something else, and to believe that it could maybe change.
We hate you. Does this not move you one bit.
We are trying with every inch in us to give you a better life, but you are so bitter.
You are so hideous. Why won't you let us love you.
One day, you will be left alone, to rot, in your nothingness, in your crushed buildings and burning bodies.
You will be left to ashes, and we will walk away and not look back, not even once.
And deny you. We will deny you and the hate you have created in our gut, that fucking burning feeling... We will deny you.
We were really trying hard to get by, to believe in you.

Beirut, I wish you never die young.
I wish you will always suffer.

But I,
I want out. I will set sail.
I will not take your anguish.

I would’ve loved you. I would have had so much passion for you.
I would’ve told the world your story.
I would have painted you in colors.
I would have written to you every day.
You could’ve been my sweetest tale.
We would’ve been beautiful together.

Fuck off Beirut. And burn down alone.